Hey guys,

I'm lookin into buying an acoustic/electric guitar

thats decent quality but not that expensive.

Just wonderin if anyone has any suggestions

or just a place to start my search.


you don't mention what "not that expensive" means to you.

try seagull acoustic electrics or the yamaha fgx720sca or fgx730sc. both brands offer good quality, good sound and good value.


http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Seagull-S6-Original-Q1-AcousticElectric-Guitar?sku=512121 (one of the best solid top lam b&s guitars, but with electronics!)



or there's always the all solid epiphone masterbilt line. they have some qc issues, but all solid guitars do sound good.

Yeah, I have a decent straight acoustic that i've had for several yrs. and just wanted to branch out, and i might be gigging with it. I've been looking at alvarez's and a few others but i'm not really sure what i'm looking at...
the thing is, not all of any brand are alike. the cheaper you get, the lower quality the sound and quality of the hardware tends to be. many cheaper guitars will tarnish easily where there's metal, won't tune well, and many are poorly intonated.

all lam, but pretty good considering - better than most if not all in its price range

not my favorite, but in the $300 and below class, it's not bad and does sport a solid top

keep in mind that gc is 15% off of everything over $299 this weekend.

and if all else fails, get one of these

they aren't as good as the more expensive models, but they smoke the competition in this low price range.