Whats up y'all? Boy do I have a story for you. A couple nights ago I had a fun little accident in the shop.

So Wednesday I worked 5:30 to 4:15 at the warehouse and was anxious to blow off some steam, so to the shop I went. I got the last couple coats of clear on the Explorer (which looks BITCHIN btw) and started working on the neck. Went to joint something and all I remember was feeling it skip and then me jumping back. Bottoms were straight, then I turned my right hand over. There wasn't gloves there, nor were there fingernails or the top layer of flesh. I ran upstairs and had my roommate drive me to the hospital.

I got there around 8:30, got some bitchin nerve block shots and Percosets, and got it cleaned up and looked at. At first the nurses were telling me I'd lost the first knuckles on my index and ring fingers and first two knuckles on my middle finger. After the first nurse heard the story I was referred to as the guitar builder and others were called over to see "what a good job the guitar builder did."

After some x-rays and seeing a surgeon it was determined I could keep more than originally thought, so in the OR I went. By 3 am I was drugged up and chillin in my room.

The only thing I could think about was how fast I could sell my shit, but then something funny happened. See I didn't tell my parents for fear of them flipping out, but they actually thought it was a cool thing. In fact, my parents and half brother talked me into keeping going! As soon as my hand gets better I'm going to build some jigs and templates to make necks easier. I actually saw my hand yesterday and only lost half the first knuckle on the pointer, a little more than half the first knuckle on the middle, and just some of the pad on the ring finger.

So I learned somethings. A) my friends and family kick ass, B) its a lot easier to joke than to bitch, and C) opiates are REAAALLLY good. All in all I'd say this was a positive experience, I decided to quit chewing, have no real desire to drink, I want to live and eat more cleanly, and I'm trying to look at everything more positively.

Here's another thing. I dont know if i want to ever take this building thing past making them for me and friends of mine, but regardless I wanted to "brand" them I dont like my last name or initials for it, so Sonicworx (or SWX for short) was what I had kinda decided. Now I kinda want to reference my stumpy fingers. McNubbin Guitars is stupid and I want to be relatively serious. What about Magic Fingers Guitars or 511 Guitars? (That was my room number) Any other suggestions?

Keep rockin GB&C, I know I plan to.

EDIT: SUMMARY Sorry for the ramble, I have a tendency to do that and I don't think the oxy helped it. Basically, I ****ed up while jointing and got my fingers caught in there, lost about half of the end knuckles of my pointer and middle fingers and just some skin on the ring finger. My parents approve of my hobby (for once) and dont think I should quit, even after the accident. So I'm taking their advice and going for it, much more carefully of course, after my hand is good.
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He's emphasizing the importance of being careful in the shop i suppose.

nothing really wrong with that IMHO

dunno why you're giving him a hard time over it..
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Freaks me out a bit, as I had got Mrsa on my pointer finger of my right hand and was freaking out over the possibility of being amputated. I ended up fine just have a disfigured looking finger from the first knuckle to the fingernail from the surgery to remove the infection.

I want to make guitars but I seem to have a huge phobia of losing a limb or something amputated.

Sorry you had an accident and I have much respect for you as I would not b handling it quite as well.

Good look in your future guitar building and be sure to be more careful!

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