So, I have a bunch of riffs compiled together in something that somewhat resembles a song.

Not quite sure what genre this fits into anymore. I just enjoy writing what comes to mind, so feel to classify it as you like seeing as I have no clue what to call it. Wrote it for my band, just wanted a little bit more structure to it before I brought it to them.

Creative input would be nice. Also, I'm having loads of problems formatting the song. I'm not even sure if I want any of the parts to repeat or not, so I may just write more, but I kind of like how the outro goes. Kind of awkward transition into it though. =/

Suggestions, advice, etc. are very welcome. Feel free to edit it as well and show me what you had in mind if you felt that there was something you'd rather have sound a different way. Oh, and don't use RSE.
Hmmm great song, i see what your mean about many different riffs put together. I loved the power chords towards the end in bars 60-71.
The only crit i would have is with the sudden tempo change, It just doesnt sound right to me it might be the constant change in time signitures around that area.
But apart from that great song keep it up.
Thanks dude. That was my main issue, the transition around that part. I want this song to flow smoothly. Kind of represent something almost like a train of thought, so there may be no repeating parts, or I may revisit some riffs briefly. Not too sure about how I want to finish it up, so i'm up for suggestions. Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you like it!
This is great. I love the use of the instruments such as the strings and music box. The only part I didn't like was the tempo change at Bar 48. I'm not sure what to do there, but keep working on it and the song will be fantastic.
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