Here's The guitar. I just want someone to clarify for me, before purchase, that this is a proper tele. Thanks for any help.
looks legit
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The title doesn't say fender and it even says in the description "Not claiming any of this is fender." it looks pretty crappy anyways.
No it's not a fender. Personally I wouldn't by a copy guitar like that without being able to play it first as their is no guarantee of a certain level of quality.
Like Shashing said, looks crappy, but the guy holds no pretense otherwise.
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The title doesn't say fender and it even says in the description "Not claiming any of this is fender." it looks pretty crappy anyways.

Yeah its a bit confusing he might of painted the "Fender" on the headstock since he says that.
Best bet, send the seller a message.

EDIT: I just looked at some of his other items and it looks like he just sells refurbished copies.
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I would be very cautious of thaqt guitar. the first thing i notice is there is no serial number in any of the pictures. for all you know its a fake. theres no way (for you or i at least) to know if its real or not without the serial.
overpriced garbage. it's not a fender just a cheapie with a couple of fender parts. save your money. for that price you can get an actual MIM fender.
does anyone else but me think that the cut away is too deep for a regular Fender Tele? It's not even a real Fender anyway, just a partsecaster to look like a vintage Tele.
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besides the fact that it's just a parts guitar i can guarantee the intonation is off. those saddles aren't angled at all.
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You can get a great sounding telecaster for just 350 quid upwards brand new, which is actually fender too. So not much off that price, and you could probably save up a bit more if you'd fancy
He says it's not Fender on the page it's not a fake, it's just a copy with a tele neck.

Looks beat to hell, but I'm digging the pin-up girl

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