My sister's Guild CV-2 is developing a gap (0.3mm) between the neck and the heel cap. On further research I've come to realise that these guitars are probably dodgy because they were made in a plant that shut down right afterwards (moved to New Hartford), which is also why this model is discontinued. Apparently the workers realised they were going to be out of a job and so the quality is not up to scratch. She bought hers as a
'refurbished' guitar.

It still plays fine but is this something to worry about? How much would it cost to repair something like this? If left untreated will the neck snap from the force of the strings?

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
pictures would help
but really..no one here can give you a direct answer
the best luck you'll have is getting your guitar down to your local guitar shop to get it checked.
good luck though.

all in all.
when the words broken neck associates with the word guitar.
you're in a hell lot of trouble..

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Ahh dammit, thanks anyway. I was expecting the worst.

I'll try post up some pics later if I get time