You know those times when you pick up your guitar and don't know what to play so you just start messing around? Well whats that song/scale/what ever, that you play every time?

For me, I always wind up playing Classico by Tenacious D, or I just start playing random chords that make no sense together. Or if I'm in a metal mode but just don't know what to learn, I'll usually play Colors by Iced Earth.
just random chords or scales (usually major )
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Colors by Iced Earth.

Is that band fucking ICE!?!?!?!?

Seriously though, I usually jump into the middle of an Eruption or Freebird style solo.
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I normally fiddle around with something like D-Dsus4-D-Dsus2-Cadd9-G.

Or "Here She Comes Now" or "I'm Waiting For the Man" by The Velvet Underground.
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Over The Hills And Far Away. Jeez I've played that song so many times it just rolls off the fingers nowadays.

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My gut check riffs for any time I pick up a guitar are the chorus riff from The Philosopher (by Death) and the intro of Hyperdrive (Devin Townsend).

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I mess around with E Phrygian, E Phrygian dominant, or E minor.
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I play a ska rhythm, usually something like Unity by Operation Ivy. Which makes my friend veryy mad since he hates ska. Or I play Hotel Yorba by the White stripes.
Generally some variation on a solo I keep end up inadvertently playing, involving a fairly generic ascending run from a low E up to an E minor chord on the 12th fret, then descending back down involving many arpeggios and slides.

Fucking sick of hearing it, to be honest.
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I like doing things with chords over drones and pedal point. I've gotten to a point where I care about texture and harmony the most in music. I kinda wish I had the chops I used to have so I could get respect among my fellow guitar geeks, though. And a decent mic. Until then, I'm probably going to still mostly do electronic stuff. :/

That was really digressive.
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without fail, i will play the main riffs to 46 & 2 by Tool, Too Many Puppies by Primus and David Makalaster by the Frog Brigade within 2 minutes of putting on my bass. my band hates it.
It varies a lot, but whenever I play acoustic, I often end up with the intro for Tesla's Love Song or the first part of Zap by Eric Johnson. On an electric, I tend to play some funk rhythm, or some Tool riff, most likely Jambi or The Pot.