I have an epiphone 1966 reissue sg and i want to get the knobs off to clean etc, but i pulled on them as hard as i could and they wont come off. I can see under them there is a metal ring similar to the one holding the input jack in place. (the ring is like a polygon) if that makes sense?
theres no ring they should come off with some leverage. use something that wont ruin ur finish and pry them up, the'll come off just fine.
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that's called a nut, and it holds the pot in place.

and hate to be an arse, but two seconds on google found this: http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/knob.htm
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Don't know about epiphones but knobs are fixed on in one of three ways. Cheapest is a friction fit where the knob is just pushed on and pulled off. The shirt method on the link sounds good but I just lever them off carefully with a screwdriver, you have to be gentle though.

Second method is with a grub screw which goes sideways through the knob. If this method is used the grub screw head can be seen clearly on the side of the knob. It must be loosened and the knob comes off easily.

The third method is a collet knob. The top of the knob is a cover which needs to be flipped off by sliding a small screwdriver or a knife under it. Under the cover is either a screw or nut which needs to be loosened.

This will let you clean under the knob but won't give you access to the internal workings which you need to open up from the back of the guitar
I think the Epi should have push-on knobs, they sometimes need a fair bit of force to get them off.
Try a credit card or similar to lever it off. It gives you a wide edge of leverage, and as it's also flexible shouldn't damage the knobs. I've damaged knobs while using a screwdriver, had to buy replacements, so be careful.
Just wrap a tshirt under the edge around the knob and pull and it should come off

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A screwdriver or something similar on both sides will make it come right off. Put something under them to protect the finish.
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Usually, I am able to just pull the knobs off. But I am pretty sure that most epiphones have pull off knobs. An old Les Paul I have the knobs come off very easy. If your not careful, when you turn them they come off. So it's good that yours fit tighter. Mine are wore out.
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