does anybody have a schematic for an RF4G3? I just bought an rg75g3 amp but the store didn't have any footswitches at all. thanks.
dont know if it will work. but i have a rh100 g2 series footswitch. 4 switches. been a long time since ive seen mine lol. but i think it has the same switch presets. (goin by a google pic im lookin at.)

i could take some pics and upload. or make a feeble attempt at making a pcb layout or a drawing of whats inside. might take a day or 2 though lol
done. the pbc for the DIN has RG75 - E printed on it.

switches & LED's

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going off of google images, it looks exactly like the diagram posted here. so from the looks of it, just get some SPST stomp switches and some LEDs and wire it all up as per the diagram Dave posted.
from my 6 pin din and the pcb diagran above, from all the 6 pins there are 2 grounds.
you could use a 5pin din with one ground.

from a google search

pin number 2 is ground. im not very technically minded on electronics/pedal building ect.
but as jim said. wire it up as the diagram.

ground all to pin number 2 of your 5 pin din.
all pots oht leads to each pin. relocate or rename the switches on the pedal housing if the switch layout has gain, but it turns on reverb. ect