First one isn't really new, but whatever. I picked this up at a flea market a few months ago for $190:

It's a Laney VC30. I was intrigued because these aren't so common in the states. I bought it assuming it was broken and would be fun to repair. It turned out everything worked except the reverb, which was just a bad tank. I dropped in a new Accutronics tank which cost about $30. I have the thing on commission right now for $375 at a local guitar store along with my Mesa DC-5. I was going to sell them myself but the fall session started and I didn't want to deal with it.

If the Peavey Classic 30's tone is between a Vox and a Marshall, I'd say the Laney is right between a Vox and a blackface Fender. A Fender tone stack with a little more midrange available comes right after the first gain stage. The "Drive" channel has a little less distortion than a Classic 30. The drive channel was great with single coils, but with the bridge humbucker on my Explorer it was very boomy. That's not surprising though, the SD Custom 5 I have in there does that to everything. I think that pickup has too much bass for a mahogany guitar. Anyways, the clean channel is very nice. Pretty much like I described, between a Fender and a Vox. This has been one of my favorite amps I've owned.

Now onto the real NAD.
I got this little guy last weekend to mod:

The amp features one 12ax7, one 6V6, pentode/triode mode to run the amp at 3 or 6 watts, volume, tone control, and a footswitchable boost. The amp has a fixed fender style tone stack after the first gain stage. The fixed values are tantamount to setting a fender tonestack's bass and treble very low, with the mids at 68%. The tonestack is set low this way for more headroom.

The first thing I did was replace the stock speaker in my Epi Vjr. cab with a WGS Green Beret I had sitting around. The Green Beret has a much fuller midrange and more high end. I preferred the more mellow, broader sound of the stock Eminence Lady Luck though, so I put it back in.

I swapped two resistors in the fixed tone stack to make the tone shaping a little more aggressive. Basically I turned the bass and treble up. Before the mod I'd keep the tweed style control at max, and the amp sounded a little muffled at high volumes. Now I can keep the tone around 3 o'clock and add or remove treble as needed. The amp sounds less muffled at high volumes where the tone control isn't as effective. The other point of this mod was to make the boost less nasal. The boost works by switching in extra resistance to ground in the tone stack, which boosts your mids a ton and your treble and bass a little too. The added treble and bass from my mod makes the midrange a little less dominant when using the boost.

I replaced the chinese 6V6GT with a JJ 6V6S. The JJ is huge in comparison. The sound is a little darker and smoother, which complimented my mods very nicely.

I have a couple more mods planned, but this amp doesn't need any to sound great. I also have an Epi VJr. that I've modded and the VHT is just superior in every way. Bigger transformers, better components, better construction, better features, better sound, WAY easier to modify due to the turret board construction. It amazes me that they're selling these for less than $200. It really makes you see the Valve Junior is overpriced.

I'll put up some clips in a second. I'll put up one with the amp stock, one with the Green Beret in the cabinet, and one with how it is now(modded tone stack, JJ 6V6, and Lady Luck speaker). They're all the same riff on my Gibson Explorer Pro with Seymour Ducan '59 in the neck with the coils in parallel. Enjoy.

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Looks sweet!

Waitin on those clips!

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Me likey. If I didn't have a 5 watt tube amp I'd be tempted to pick one up myself.
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Clips are up. They're all the same crappy riff with crappy, inconsistent, out of time playing. I was just trying to get references for when I modded it and didn't really care. The mic position I'm sure was very different on every clip because I kept taking the amp to my bench and I didn't pay attention to the position. You can see my incredibly sophisticated recording set up in the pic which consists of dangling the mic in front of the speaker. The stock clip sounds the best to me, but I think that was just a good mic placement.

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