We're a 'low budget' high school band interested in recording our own music. We've been working with recording for a while and decided we want to try micing our amps, because putting all our gear directly into the computer seemed to create a synthetic sound. We will most likely be using the clean setting on a Peavy vintage tube amp with one speaker in it. We have a Digitech effects pedal and a Boss Metal Zone. Both work amazingly and are very inexpensive. That's not our problem. We aren't sure where to put the microphone or even what microphone we should probably use. We've been looking at a bluebird or whatever. Those seem very nice. I mean, we're willing to spend whatever it takes to get a decent sound... but we don't need too much so we aren't really looking to spend more that 2 or 3 hundred. Thanks
Get a Shure SM57 for the amp, get something like the M-Audio Fast Track as a computer interface. It will come with software for recording, so once you get cables and everything, you shouldn't have spent more than $300 and it should cover all your needs. Good luck and have fun