Covered this song. If you tell me I suck and all that jazz, please tell me why, I need the criticism. Btw I realize my vibratos suck, and I messed up the (very short) sweeping part so something other than me sucking at those please

Oh yah, this is a half step down and I was in drop D I completely forgot to do it in the correct tuning. Other then that, enjoy. =D

stop listening to avenged sevenfold and buy a guitar that doesnt suck.
would be my only criticism.
You do play pretty good though.keep practicing you'll be better than syn in no time.
It sounded like it was just... higher pitch than mp3 so yeah wrong tuning, If you're wanting to stay in the same tuning and play it half step down, just move everything 1 fret down,

Don't listen to the guy saying "stop listening to a7x" they're fine, Listen to what you want, play what you want.