So far out 'Band' has two people in it. We like to think that we know what we're doing but we run into a lot of rough spots. I mean guitar center's always there to help but this is so much easier so we were wondering if there's any bands out there that would be willing to help us out with any tips that you wish you knew or whatever. We'll take whatever help we can get but we're mainly looking for bands that have recorded work on their own and preform live. We're also rock. One of us listens to more of the Breaking Benjamin style rock and the other one listens to more of the vintage Van Halen kinda rock. So, anyways, any help about developing a band and recording and preforming music would be great. We'd really like feed back. Also, leave any youtube or myspace or facebook or Garageband.com or whatever links if you have any so we can follow you. Thanks, we hope this really helps us and other bands
just spend time jammin'

easy done
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1. Get drunk
2. play pentatonic scales fast
3. throw in some divebombs and pinch harmonics
4. Get killed onstage
5. become legendary guitarist instantaneously

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How dare you attack the greatness of the augmented sixth?
just get a setlist of songs you can play really well, and even if you really dont like the songs cuz its just not ur style, you can at least start playing shows, so then you'll finally have some experience and you can try to write whatever it is you really want to write and slowly switch each song in ur set list to a song you like more, thats really how band's evolve, writing stuff they dont like cuz its easy, then replacing it with better stuff, then replacing it again when their taste in music or attitude towards the world has changed, and you just keep replacing the songs everytime you have something better.