This is by no means a guitar for a beginner. This is for intermediate/advanced players. It has 24 frets in a strat-like body and nice and expensive EMG pickups. It has a Floyd Rose Locking Tremelo that locks the strings in the tuning that they are in. This is very good for players that generally play in one tuning because it will stay in tune perfectly for a VERY LONG TIME. On top of that, it has a tremolo/whammy bar that is attachable. Thanks to the Floyd Rose Locking Tremelo, the guitar stays in tune really well even through heavy use of the tremolo/whammy bar. The back cover that covers the springs to the tremolo is not on the guitar so it is easy to adjust the action and the intonation.

The guitar plays well and sounds great! The only flaw with it is its condition. It has two major dings/chips on it (see pictures below). They are mostly out of normal sight, however. It has minor scratches on the front, but they are pretty unnoticeable unless you are looking for them.

I am selling it for $400 plus shipping price, and this price includes a Jackson hardshell case built specifically for the guitar. The tremolo/whammy bar and the Allen wrenches required for tuning are also included.


email me at guitarfreak846@gmail.com if you are interested. If you happen to be in or around the Nashville area, we can schedule a meet-up instead of shipping.
funny, pics dont show a jackson case and its not fitted like mine are.