Could you guys post some videos/name some songs where they sweep across all 6 strings??
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Nevermore - "I, Voyager"

he plays a 7 string, but you can still do the 6 string sweep. solo at around 2:45.
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The Word Alive does quite a bit of sweeping. Couldn't give you any songs off the top of my head though..

If you're good enough I guess you could YouTube Metaljonus and look for Metal Picking 101 or something. It sounds like it'll be a lesson but it's not.
If you want to learn 6 string sweeps you can just play the same notes on the 6th string as you are playing on the 1st, after all they're the same.
Dream Theater - Stream of Consciousness. Just a small part in the first solo, tuned to Eb:


Struggle for the freedom flag by Galneryus
      S   S S S S   S  S  S  S   S  S  S  S S S  S  
  S   S  S  S S   S  S  S  S   S  S  S  S  S  S  S  
  S   S S S S   S  S  S  S   S  S  S  S S S  S  
  S   S  S  S S   S  S  S  S   S  S  S  S  S  S  S   
Serrana - Jason Becker
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