Line 6 Flextone III XL (2x12)
It has a couple of marks/scrapes in the tolex, and one of the feet has fallen off but these are only aesthetics issues, I use the amp with a stand anyway as it's much better, and I'll throw that in as well.

The amp has been gigged a few times (<10). The amp itself is in perfect working order, it's just too loud for me to use in my house, and I tend not to gig nowadays. If you're in a covers band this amp would be perfect, it's so versatile.

Line 6 FBV shortboard: Used to control a variety of line 6 amps, has channel and bank switching (up to 64 patches I believe), volume/wah pedal.
As with the amp this has been used for gigs, there are a few signs of this but it's rugged, you could certainly use it in self defence There are some signs of rust as you can see in the photo but this doesn't affect the performance in any way.

Will probably have to be pickup only as it weighs a lot, unless you want to arrange delivery yourself. I'm near Andover, so Basingstoke, Reading and Southampton are within a reasonable distance.


Blackstar HT-Distx

Really good distortion pedal, you can read all about it on the blackstar website so I won't bore you with the details here. There are loads of videos on youtube if you want an idea of what it's capable of. It's got loads of gain and I'm only getting rid of it as I've just bought a HT-5 so it doesn't really work with my new rig. If you want some great metal tones for your SS amp this would be great.

It comes in the box with the power adaptor but I don't have the manual, I think SWMBO threw it out In fairness it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out how to use it!

£85 delivered.
Hi, I'm near Andover. I'm not looking for a trade, I accidentally bought my HT-5 before selling this amp, kinda need the money!