As the title says, i need to know about the DC powered pedal tuners that are decent and are between about £30-50 ish. If thats possible
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Snark Headstock tuner!
I plan on getting the Behringer Rack Tuner in the near future, but that's about 100 dollars.
Boss makes one, that's good. And reccomended. It's even got some sort of 9V daisy chain plug. At least what I've heard.
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I have the Boss TU-3 and it's pretty bangin'. It comes with a daisy chain plug so you can run other pedals off the one power source.
I use the TC Electronic Polytune. Brilliant pedal tuner, doesn't fit your budget though.
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The bassist in my band and I use a PitchBlack and Polytune respectively. Great pedals, maybe a bit over your budget. Second hand could be worth a shot?
I second the korg pitchblack and polytune. (Funnily enough, the guitarist in my band uses a polytune and I (the bassist) use a pitchblack!)

I tested the korg, the boss TU-3 and the Fender PT100.
Fender and boss rated about the same IMO, the boss had more features but was way too jumpy - the needle was constantly moving and made it rather hard to tune. The fender was much better in this department.
But the korg was much better - not at all jumpy, and gives you 4 modes for the display rather than the normal "needle." Also features true bypass, silent tuning and a 9v output so you can power other pedals.
If you can get a second hand one of these or a polytune, go for it, if not maybe the fender.
I've had my pitchblack for almost 3yrs and never a hickup......good pedal for the $$
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I don't use a pedal? I tune using my rocktron prophesy. Hasn't let me down yet!
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planet waves tuner here, works perfectly well, has 2 outputs (one muted one not muted) and has the dc out, so you can daisy chain other pedals. True bypass, rugged design, 3 modes of display (strobe, needle-like and another one i can't remember) and can be calibrated to tune in something else than 440

love it
I don't have a pedal tuner, but I plan to get a Polytune very soon, in my opinion it seems far better than any other pedal tunder I've seen. It's about £20 over your budget, but it's worth saving for.
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I use the boss tu2, bt the korg pitch black and the Peterson pedal are also money. Pedal tuners are one of the greatest inventions of the last 30 years! Rock on
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TC Electronic PolyTune. I love it!
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I use a hardwire HT-2 chromatic tuner cost me just under 90 quid. Really accurate and looks good 2 and very reliable.
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I'm looking into a TC Electronics Poltytune as many have already recommended, though as it's out of your budget, definitely either save a bit more or go used.

I hear no end of good things about it and frankly it seems the most efficient tuner for the job.

Though if you're in that price range, frankly I think all the tuners in the range will be of equal quality, you might find an alrigth deal on a Boss TU-2 or something though which I also hear are good.
This is probably the best pedal tuner deal out there right now. I can't comment on this particular pedal but a friend of mine has their tube screamer esque pedal and that thing is great for the price.
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Either get the GFS mentioned above, or the Ibanez LU-20 like I have. I got mine for £20, an absolute bargain.
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I use a Hardwire HT-2 and I love it. Got it at just around $50 after shipping, which was a steal price compared to how all the other one were going for on ebay.

Keep looking used, you can get a good tuner, instead of one that costs $50 new. There are a handful of really good ones around the $100 mark.

If you can't find any, the TU-2 should be pretty easy to find used - everyone and their mom used one, anyway, and now the TU-3 is out, so...
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Can someone tell me why people buy really expensive tuners? I know that some are more precise n stuff but I have a £10 Korg one an it works fine

get this,


clips on and is chromatic, use the harmonic at the 12 fret and is dead accurate in any noise enviroment uses a pezio sort of system, so doesnt need sound, it wont colour your tone either unlike most cheap pedals.

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I have a Korg Pitchblack and love it. I bought it because it's about 20 bucks cheaper than the Boss TU-2, but is true bipass and still has a daisy chaining output.
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Are these available anywhere in the UK?

Nope, they're carried by GFS exclusively but I do believe GFS ships to the UK and their shipping is pretty reasonable. Also, even with the pedal and shipping you'd still be within your budget.
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Please don't tell me I'm the only one that clicked this thread thinking I would learn how to make my guitar sound like a grizzly bear.