pre-bend the note (before you pick the note bend it) up to 9 (a full bend) then release to its original pitch then back up to 9
hope this helps
ye precisely like the guy above said. You bend the D on the 7th fret to E. But dont strike it, now stikre the E and drop back to D. and bend up again to E. this time striking.

So a prebend is a bend without a strike, so you wont have tha bending sound, but you can release the note back.

Hope i didnt confuse you
wat does (7) means??...ive seen it in many places....usually it sounds like picking with palm muting......plz help
That "(7)" is a ghost note.
I mean, the firs bend-release should sound like a 9, then you play fast the 7 to bend to 9.

Someone please correct me. (I play by ear most of the time :P)