So, I've been playing for a good few years....
The trouble is, I have no idea of what I should be practising.
I was wondering if there's a website which contains a list of techniques to be practice, working its way up from beginner to advanced?
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I don't know about any websites that'd have a list like that but here are some things I practice:

- Picking technique (alternate, economy, just upstrokes/downstrokes)

- Arpeggios and Scales
- They are by far the best way to get speed and overall coordination with the guitar

As for more specialized techniques, legato, tapping and sweep picking are the most major ones you'll use.

Bending and vibrato are also useful to practice.
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I'd say any technique can be taught on a beginner and an advanced level.

Work on your picking technique, your finger independence and minimum movement, keys, tapping, string skipping, arpeggios, position shifting, legato, bending, sliding, finger picking...there's loads. Figure out what you like playing and isolate the techniques needed to work on it.
It's all about setting your own goals, towards a playing style you like. I'm into metal, so tapping and sweeping came before hybrid picking. I like to mess around with hybrid picking; but I suck at it.

Good bending and vibrato is important to all types of music, so you will want to explore it, and thoroughly. Also, very basic exercises for finger independence, pick-hand control.

And don't forget to learn some scales.
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Cheers for the input dudes!

I'm into pop-rock etc, so not many techniques are needed for what I play. I just want to learn techniques so I can learn my instrument really.

Sounds like picking and scales are musts to constantly practice, so I'll spend a few hours a day working on them, and then move onto tapping etc and reduce time spent on scales and picking in half or so.

Cheers again!
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