Currently in a place with limited music shops so need to buy an acoustic guitar hard case ASAP online, however bit confused about all the terminology. I have a tanglewood TW45 NSB, claims its a super folk style, but most of the cases i have looked at only say either classical, dreadnought or jumbo. Would mine fit in any of them? Heard it might fit in classical.

any help greatly appreciated!

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i think it would be best to try it on real - buying cases online is not a very good idea i think...
If its a super folk style, it'll be a relatively small guitar. My Walden guitar is a Grand Concert shape, and I think they will be quite similiar, and I use a jumbo size case for mine.

However, if you have at least one music shop near you, the best plan would be to take your guitar to it, and try cases out. That way, you know for sure how it will fit.

Btw, in respect to your sig, I find it disturbing that nowhere in the rhyme, Humpty Dumpty, does it mention that he's an egg...
By looking at pictures of your guitar on google images, it looks like it's a 'jumbo' shaped guitar.
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