I have two jackson rr1's. one is a custom shop from 2009, it's ferrari red with black bevels, and my other is metallic blue. Wasn't really looking to get rid of them, but I thought it would be good to see what people had to offer for them. Really looking for a les paul custom with zero fret wear.... or a nice les paul standard, or anything else, lets see what you got!
There pretty expensive to stat off with, but used id say you could get $1500ish for the standard one and $1700ish for the custom. Thats assuming there in mint condition
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Man, thank God the russians created UG. Otherwise, how would I have gotten this information?
you could probably get a bit more for the standard one on second thought
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Man, thank God the russians created UG. Otherwise, how would I have gotten this information?
assuming you had a pic of them, you should post one or two, but seeing as you want me to use my imagination, i'd say they are both worthless factory seconds.
Sorry, I didn't mean to sound rude.

Just post a few pics, please, and then we can gett a good idea of the condition of them both and hopefully make you a better offer!
I should also mention that both guitars have bell brass sustain blocks from floyd upgrades.com. both bridges have been blocked with rosewood and ebony for added sustain. Mass=Sustain=T.O.N.E
Hmm, i have to say they are in really good condition. I'm going to stick to my original estimates since i was assuming back then that they were in mint condition
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Man, thank God the russians created UG. Otherwise, how would I have gotten this information?
I got both for 1000 each....... so I guess i got good deals then lol ive had these for about a year. been playing rr's since i started ten years ago. but cant complain if i can almost double my money on resale... I would like to hold onto one and try to get a les paul custom for one of them. what are your thoughts on that idea?
I( highly doubt you'll even get a LP custom for BOTH of them. =( I wish they were cheaper than they are but the reality of it all is harsh.

Hell, A USED LP 1960 classic RI is 1300.00 and an LP STD is 1700.00 and up. And that includes the "used" market!

I highly doubt one of your guitars will fetch you a grand in this market, let alone the sticker price of a Gibson LP Custom. =(
well i know these sell on ebay all day for around 1500 used... but tin terms of the whole gibson thing.... it sucks because there quality has absolutely bombed and most of there stuff is junk. my buddy has a lp custom he bought brand new.... and its a piece of garbage. Ive always wanted a lp custom because randy played one.. but i highly doubt if i get one ill even play it! hha
HAHAHA! I know what you mean! I would absolutely NEVER buy a Gibson from an onlinr retailer just because their quality is, and has always been been inconsistent. ie, 2 LP custom's from the same plant, manufactured the same day, may sound/play totally different.

From what I hear, the good time frame for the Gibby custom shop was between 1956-1960, 1970-1980, & 1998-2003. These are good era's, from what I am told, but you'll pay out the a$$ for a custom built gibby in these time frames.

I do wish you luck in your sell, tho. They are fantastic guitars you got there. As you see, I am selling my B.C.Rich KKV to fund a 2000 LP Classic Goldtop! Hopefully we can both "have our cake and eat it too!"
Haha I know exactly what your talkin about man. Even though they really aren't worth the money, I still want one really bad. What are your thoughts on the new evh wolfgang? I'm almost thinking that evh is a much smarter choice, they seem to have everything you'd want out of a guitar... but thanks for the comments man, I wish you luck with your sale as well
I'm thinkin, if I were you, I would go for the Gibby custom. -_- Here's what I am thinking and why;

You are a bigger fan of RR than EVH and you don't seem to care either way if you have a wammy system or not. (at least you haven't mentioned that being a high priority) It was never really a big part of RR's style(just look at the Jackson prototypes he used, they had strat-style bridges on them!)
your totally right! I actually blocked both of my floyd roses on these and put the floyd upgrade trem. i blocked it with ebony and filled the trem cavity so these things actually has the tone and sustain of a les paul. not to mention im sure i can find a lp custom alot cheaper then an evh wolfgang if I try hard enough
yeah. I agree with you there! I've seen a few LP customs thru the years go for dirt cheap, just b/c they were a "players guitar" and not a collectors gem.

I would (and this is just a suggestion) watch this area of ebay for a suitable project LP custom to pop up.


this way you can customize the guitar any way you see fit! (I don't know about you, but I certainly am not a collector so this is where I look these days, for a LP.

And besides, they do make some wolfgang's with a gibby-style bridge, too!
I also considered having carvin make me a neck through telecaster with a floyd and a real thin neck.... the ultimate shredder for dirt cheap price. carvins quotes are so cheap
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carvins quotes are so cheap

very VERY true! And their quality is downright phenominal, too! I think, they also make a LP-style guitar, as well. double-check their website to be sure, tho.
hmmm, I will deff look into it and get back to you, add me as a friend on here so we can keep in touch