This is an instrumental piece I started yesterday. Although the title is Fourty-Five Minutes, it's actually much, much shorter than that; it's for a completely different reason.
Fourty-Five Minutes.gp5
Very cool track! It's very melodic. I love what guitar II plays at bar 149, it's very pleasing to the ear.

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allthough i love the song , the drums make me wanna go kill myself.
Which parts do you think I should change?
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Which parts do you think I should change?

(i listened with RSE !)

well its hard to say , the drums just felt like the weakest part throughout the song , and i quess i felt like that most sections , i see how you wrote it , and from my experience its a lot harder when you change around from sixteenth , eights and quarter notes , and imo its much easier to (most of the time) write everything in sixteenth notes so you can that put extra layers on top of eachother and add little fills here and there.