Well,I'll probably buy the 20x but I want know If there is a difference(apart from that the 20 x is 20 watt)in the effects/settings I can aply on each one of them...
Anyone know if theres a difference or its just that the one is 2o watt while the other is 30 watt?
I'm too lazy to look it up, but I'm going to assume the wattage is the only difference.
la de da.
Do not get the Roland Cube 20x. The 20x's drive channels etc are based on stomp boxes. They are not strictly amp models. The 30x has channels based on amps not stomps so the 30x sounds miles better than the 20x.

Honestly I own a 20x and it doesn't sound that great. The 30x is far superior.
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^ +1, the 30x is miles better because it has the amp models.
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