so, i have a few effects pedals. basically what i am wondering is how i should run them, considering i also use an effects processor, a digitech rp355. i use the rp350 for amp modeling, delay and wah only.

this is how i have it set up right now...

guitar -> boss metal zone -> mxr smart gate -> digitech rp350 -> digitech whammy -> boss graphic eq -> mxr phase 90 -> digitech turbo flanger -> amp.

any suggestions on changing it up or should i keep it the way it is?

i'd try metal zone, EQ, noise gate, phaser, flanger, whammy then the digital processor. if you run a gate it's best to have the delay on the very end of your chain. if you run the gate after teh delay it will clip the sound. if you have an effects loop i'd run that multi through that. then hook up the other pedals the way you have them.