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I currently have a Ibanez TBX30 practice amp - 30 Watts - and I just can't get over the fact that its an Ibanez amp - it works, it doesnt have any buggs, it really tough and could even be used at a very small gig, but it has one MAJOR flaw:
seriously, this amp is a typical solid state metal amp - the really powerful gain but crappy tone. I can get a couple of nice tones out of it, but nothing vintage sounding, or a good dirty blues tone.

So I'm looking for a new practice amp, still powerful enough to have a jam session.


-around 20 - 30 Watts
- It would be nice if it had a couple of chanells
-I guess reverb, and some amp models
- Effects: If they are good quality, yes, if not, no
- good tone for blues, rock n' roll, rock, maybe even hard rock
- I'm going to buy a les paul soon, if this helps narrowing the amp sellection down

Some suggestions would be great

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peavey vypyr 30, great cleans a few channels, massess of effects...what more could you want?
Are you planning on buying a Gibson LP, or like Epiphone or something?
My suggestions are Vox Valvetronix 30 and Roland Cube 30X.

Edit: Peavey Vypyr is also, good, I have one. But it's geared more toward metal, IMO.
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fender super champ xd is also a good choice

I agree with this statement.
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