Hi, does anyone know if there is any chromatic tuners online that can pick up your sound from your axe ?

The sound needs to be picked up using a recorder on the computer or webcam.

Tbh, I'm not going to get my hopes up, but that might just be the pessimist in me,lol.

Thanks in advance
try downloading pitchperfect instrument tuner, all you need is a mic or smthn like that, i believe it's free. i use it to tune my classical guitar
Sorry for bumpin this but is this pitchperfect safe and free, is it chromatic and would i be able to just use the mic in-buit to my PC ?
I have a guitar tuner on my computer that works through the mic. Has a lot of different tunings, and works good. Don't use it much any more, though. Its call Digital Guitar Tuner 2.3.
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