Hello, I have a question that I would be very thankful if any of you could answer. Today I got Thor used guitar, it's a Les Paul Bach. I want to tune this guitar in C standard C F Bb Eb G C. However this guitar is already set up for DROP B# tuning. If I tune from B # tuning half-step down to C standard, will I damage the guitars truss rod or any changes made in the set-up?
Thank you for your time.
It won't damage the truss rod, You'll just have slacker strings.

Try the tuning, see if the strings are comfortable with the less tension.

If they ain't, go up half a gauge or a whole gauge. I don't really see any problem with tuning it a half step down, i do it with my other guitars when im mucking about.
all you should need to do is give the truss rod a little adjustment to cope with the change in tension, and you woill probably have to change the height of the bridge
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When you say B#, do you mean B?

Drop B ,but a half-step up
so you're in Drop C tuning and you want to go into C standard? just tune you're strings 1-5 down 1 full step. and there you go. wont really need any adjustments.
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