...I had to do a little routing under the pickguard of my strat partscaster last week (not enough room for the wiring changes I'd made) and wondered:

What if you were to rout out a bunch more material (under the pickguard of course)? What would the tonal changes be? The body seems to be alder (never been sure). Could be basswood, I suppose. Hard to tell just looking under the pickguard.

Would you lose sustain? Would you gain treble? Neither of those would necessarily be bad for me, since I play mostly rhythm, with 12s (wound G) and am looking for my electric to play as much as possible like an acoustic, anyhow.

Salgala - i don't think my hearing is that great, either.

Here's what really got me thinking about this: used to own a National Westwood 75 that was HEAVILY routed out (in the back). It was marvelously light, for a solid body, and had the most wonderful, acoustic-like decay on the notes. WOndered if it could be applied to my strat...
I'm not too sure, but look out when routing out a strat that you don't come out at the back where it's contoured, or at the trem cavity