Hey guys, so my parents are going to the usa next week and are there till the 28th. they spend the last week in chicago.
i wanted to buy the Schecter C-7 Blackjack ATX in aged white. but guitarcenter AND musiciansfriend dont have them in stock right now. the expected arrival is October 22nd. They do have the Aged black version but i already have an Aged black c-1 ATX.
Special orders will take 6-8 weeks so my parents won't even be there by the time it comes.
What do I do to get that Aged White ATX? where can i get it from in Chicago or in San Francisco ?
The only thing you can really do is look to see if any of the shops in those areas have a used one. Maybe look on Craigs List in those areas too.

Other than that, there's nothing you really can do about it.
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I had this problem !

i had to contact Schecter to find out when there next shipment was to europe and then deal with this random shop in germany to get mine
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