Firstly, I'd like to say i hope this is the right section of the forum to post this.. this is my first thread ever

Getting straight to the point, i have been having this problem for a while now.. I started jamming with my band after a long gap but at every practice session I keep having this problem

I use an LTD mh-53 with standard ESP pickups and a line 6 floor pod, whereas the other guitarist uses a line 6 pod 2. Yet with my processor at maximum volume it just does not compare to the overall volume of the other pod 2.

I have had to turn up the level of my guitar to the max on the mixer to balance the two guitars

On top of that I have been experiencing an insane amount of NOISE (feedback in general) coming from my guitar..

I have tried changing gears (i tried using a different guitar) and even bought a distortion pedal to go with the pod so i could reduce the gain from the pod.. I assumed it was the floor pod causing the excess noise

I should add that the place where we practice is sort of crammed up, so I am under the impression that that changing the practice place would solve the problem but I still don't understand why there is hardly any noise from the other guitar at the same practice place..

Any thoughts or suggestions?
Turn his pod down?
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I wish my amp sucked on my knob.

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get a new amp. and not a line 6

or get vetta II's, i got one and they're pretty nice sounding.

really though it sounds like your setup is all broken. i'd start off by using guitar amps instead of what i can only assume is your guitar into the pod into a mixer into a set of speakers. the feedback you're getting is because you've turned your pod all the way up and i'd bet are using whatever the most distorted amp setting you can find is turned all the way up.
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