Hi folks,
i got a problem with either my amp or ed pedal.When i used to run the eq in the front of the amp it worked fine for a while then one day its started working strange.When u turned it on it worked fine but when u turned it off the volume of the amp when down to hardly anything.So i put it in my effects loop and it worked properly with an actual volume boost.This only lasted a short while and its now doing the same thing it was in front of the amp.It works when turned on but when turned off amp volume is near zero.Any ideas is it my eq pedal or the effects loop or my amp?BTW my delay pedal still works fine in the effects loop.
im assuming taking the eq out of the loop and out front results in no volume drop
sounds like the EQ
is it running on batteries or a power adapter?
when did you buy the eq, you may be able to return it.
If it has the same problems both infront and in the loop, and other pedals work fine in the loop, it's probably a problem with the pedal.... A dead battery would be the most obvious, if it's not that, then it could be a number of things.
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we know which eq you have
sounds like you have a bad pedal, as I said how long have you had it, because you should return it if it wasn't very long ago
I doubt anyone here is going to know how to fix your problem since its a internal issue like some component went bad
otherwise take it to a guitar tech or some electronics expert to have it looked at