aight so i have read numerous articles about anchoring, but i don't know if i am doing it or not. my fingers do not rest on the guitar, but my arm doesn't hover over it. When i play all of the picking comes from my wrist. If i lift up my arm and hand and hover it over the guitar i can't play as well. So can someone tell me if i'm anchoring?
Here's how you tell if you're anchoring: is there tension in your hand or arm when you pick? If yes, you're anchoring. f not, you aren't. The danger of anchoring comes from the tension in your hand and/or arm. If there isn't tension, you aren't anchoring. End of story.
Dont worry about it while you build up the strength in your wrist. Itll come with time.
Once We Were Anarchists
I anchor in the sense that my pinky is in contact with the guitar when I play, but there is no tension at all.

Honestly, the views about "anchoring" are very different. I like it and it works for me and many other players (Yngwie, MAB to name the most obvious ones) but at the same time there are great players who don't anchor at all (Gilbert for example).