im trying to learn this by ear, and i never did it before, so i really stink. well thats kinda why i chose this song to learn by ear, since its just power chords.

all you gotta do is listen to the first 30 seconds of this song

slaughterhouse- the one.

it has a repeating loop (well it is hip hop) of a pretty basic power chord riff but i suck ass.

can somebody help me out??? it would be good for the learning process....thanks.

i was also trying to voice out each note of the chick in the chorus, but i was getting some awkward sounds mostly lol.

this is how i perceived that part (dont laugh please lol)
--------------------------------8--8--8-8/10---8-8-8/7-------repeat then 5---3---0

as far as the power chords it seems like starts on e5 then d5 then i cant make anything out.

i wouldnt be surprised if im wrong about everything....but thats why i posted...i wanna learn.

thanks in advance for anyone who decides to help....or anti thanks if nobody replies lol.
I listened with laptop speakers but I think they're actually barres instead of just powerchords.

Anyway if you want the powerchords:


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