I'm in desperate need for a new amp. The guitar I'm working with is a ESP LTD EC-1000 and I'm stuck with a Roland Cube 15x. I've added a TS9 DX to try to reason with the Cube's horrible metal sound, but i'm still hating what's coming out. Now this has nothing to do with settings, I've been through that. I just need a new amp

I'm looking to play a lot of "The Faceless", "After the Burial", "Veil of Maya", and "Parkway Drive".

My budget is around $1000. Less would be great, more isn't a huge deal, just around there.

The pickups are the same as they came with the guitar, EMG 81/60 Active.

Thanks in advance.
Start listening to good music. Then buy Ibanez TBX150h.

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my one friend gets a pretty good tech death sound from his krank dime signature head
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Ok, after listening to some of the bands you mentioned, I think that either a Peavey 6505 combo or a Mesa Rec combo would be good for you. The Mesa costs a bit more, but has better cleans and lower-gain tone than the Peavey.

Or, if you can go a few hundred above budget, a Mesa Mark IV would be your best option. One of the best amps I've ever played through.
The Faceless and Veil Of Maya both use Line 6 Vettas. So maybe try finding a Line 6 Vetta combo on eBay? Shouldn't be but like 500 bucks.

After The Burial use(d) Engl amps. They are now using Fractal Audio Axe FX. You can get used Engls for around a grand (I might be selling mine).

I'd say overall your best bet would be the Vetta, since that's the amp two of the bands you like already use, and it has an Engl simulation.
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Start listening to good music. Then buy Ibanez TBX150h.

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