Anyone else find it hard, both singing while playing? Any tips for me if you can do both
I try my best to sing and play. I've been practicing for quite a while and I noticed I'm gradually getting better. One tip I an suggest is that tone down the basslines a tad so it's easier to co-ordinate your singing and playing, especially when playing more complicated lines with lots of passing notes
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I don't ever simplify my lines. I just talk on the phone and play bass at the same time. or just try mouthing the words while you play and slowly move to singing them. Practice Practice Practice. The more comfortable you are with just knowing the bass line with your fingers and not needing to think about it [making it 2nd nature] the more you can focus on singing.
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rediculous amounts of practice. same as anything multi-tasking, you cant do both at the same time unless you're comofrtable with both of them seperately. rehearse both seperately and then together, until it hurts :p
I do this and works for meee. c:

Practice both of them individually, or play the bass while just humming about how the notes would go with your mouth, not articulating the words but just getting the tone down and then add the lyrics. Either both of those ways i use depending on how i feel lol.

Both work for me but i think it would defer from person to person hehe.
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Well, I know there is lots of pick hate, but I find it easier to sing and play bass with a pick. Instead of having to keep track of your right hand technique, you can just get a strumming motion down. Just my opinion, it works for me.
I play bass and scream. Really, just practice the bass a little more than usual and the notes will come natural to you. Now, if the bass lines you're playing are difficult, there's nothing wrong with looking down at the neck. Just keep concentration on both singing and bass. It'll take practice, but you'll get the hang of it.

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