doing fallen slowly and the falsetto parts i dont think i have a nuff power behind may be i can record something. its in profile
My newest cover Rivers Of Babylon sublime style.


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Practice until you don't sound like a mouse.

Don't strain, and use your diaphragma
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its tough..i know...it really just takes some experience...over time you will learn new techniques. because its just so hard to explain..but staying relaxed is most important...
falsetto is already airy sounding thats just what it is..what you want is reinforced falsetto..

id worry more about diaphragm tech and head voice. keeping your voice relaxed using your diaphragm you can keep hitting higher and higher notes with a deep tone but it requires alot of control..but thats something you gotta work into..ya know u cant just jump right in..youll tear your voice up..or create tention...try singing to some new guns and roses..he doesnt go so high in alot of his songs now..but its still up there

i sing from high to low..because low to high..helps but didnt really help my voice change when i go back to the lower notes...so try that..and drink water