hi guys, i've been playing guitar for 6 months now.....i've been doing good till a few days back i started practicing a lamb of god song, its tabbed version...
2-3-1 2-3-0 2-3 2-3-1 2-3-0 6-5 on the 6th string
1. my hand hurts like hell after 2 min
2.my wrist is perpendicular to my palm
3.thumb position?...perpendicular to the strings....i use the MIDDLE part of my thumb for the required pressure if i use the TIP it doesnt hurt that much but im not used to it

please help me with these.....i used internet for learning so dont have a teacher to ask to..thanks
Relax and play it slowly without tension. The lower end of the guitar is more strain on the muscles so try playing the same lick but maybe on the tenth fret, without tension, and move it a fet lower every time til you end up at the bottom of the neck.
1. Alternate Pick this piece, Willie and Mark have a pretty advanced alternate picking technique that's why they succeed in these pretty tough licks.
2. It's the sixth string, it'll offer heavy resistance to any attack so try to adjust NOT MEANING to use more muscle power
3. Wrist
4. Wrist
5. Relaxed wrist
6. Keep the wrist relaxed
7. Be relaxed
8. play it SLOWWWLYYYY, really effin slow.
thanks a lot and can you please tell me about the thumb position in detail for these kind of songs(where u play along the 6th string)......
......is using the TIP of the thumb helps or using the MIDDLE part ok
(i notice that mark's thumb is usually PARALLEL to the strings....is it a good technique for these kind of songs???)
also playing these piece even at slow pace results in pain especially in the knuckles.....is it normal(like lack of practice)
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Make sure you warm up properly before trying to play it - it takes me about an hour to warm up properly.

You're probably just too tense. Your hand should be completely relaxed before you attempt to play anything.

And thumb position should ideally be pointing straight up towards the ceiling in the middle of the neck.
place the fretting hand in a way that it doesn't hurt. I've never seen Morton place his thumb perpendicular to the neck and I'm a big LOG fan. There are different positions depending on what you're playing but I'd recommend you find YOUR sweet spot and then begin to move around. And regarding the picking hand, don't try to play like Morton or Adler unless you feel it's comfortable. And for me it ain't. I'm much more used to a Mick Thompson-esque holding of the pick and playing. Try different ways, you'll find yours