I play mostly my own stuff, a mix of punk, metal and vintage pop, lets call it grunge for lack of a better word.

my pedals i use are these, a

Dano Fab Tone (I bought this without playing it or knowing what it was when I had just started playing, cause it looked cool)

Black big box russian big muff pi

boss md-2 set to just gain 100% bass 100% and some treble for a chugging overdrive

a deltalab chorus

lastly a shitty broken mini dano tremolo pedal, it was free and basically it works as a clean boost with a tad bit of bass added.

is this a good pedal chain? and whats the best order these should go in from guitar to amp??
Do your distortions first, then tremolo, and then chorus.

The order of your distortions doesn't really matter. If you want to use a low gain distortion and use it to drive a high gain one, put the low gain first.
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