Hey guys, I've recently started to learn songs with tapping in them and tried making some of my own lines but one problem I keep getting is that I have a lot of background noise coming from the open strings I'm not playing. Are there any techniques to stop that from happening?
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Tie a sock around the top of the neck where the frets start to mute the strings

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the best way to solve your problem is simply to practice tapping exercises slowly and identifying what is causing the noise. If it's just sympathetic vibrations then you'll have to figure out a way of utilizing your fretting hand to mute the unused strings. If it's just sloppy hand work then practice practice practice
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anywhoo, yeah just try to mute with your fretting hand as much as you can. also mute with your right. just mute, mute like crazy.
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Yeah thats what I figured, I just have to rest my palm against the lower strings if im not using them. Thanks guys!