Any of you guys have experience with buying used gear from musician's friend? I've been looking at a crybaby bass wah pedal. They got used ones for around $100. They list the condition as "very good" but I'm not too sure about how accurate their condition descriptions are.
Uhh. I've never bought used from them, and I'm a drummer. Not a guitarist. But I have bought several cymbal stands from them. They seemed legit as far as I could see. Sorry I can't tell you more.
Pretty sure you can click on the used description and it gives you more detail. You can always return it, y'know?
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Unless it's labeled 4 it can be returned. (4 being something that's totally ****ed and should only be used for spare parts and such.)

I bought a dj station used, it was like over 100 bucks cheaper then a new one, and it had nothing more then a scratch on it. Works fine, that was like 4 months ago.