Hello my name is Will I am 22 years old and live in Wichita Kansas looking for a band here. Play a wide variety of rock and blues and don't mind anything from Iron Maiden to Stevie Ray Vaughan and everything in between. Respond back if you live in the Wichita area and are looking to form a band or looking for a bassist.
i used to live up their in lamont up by enid oklahoma,but now i live in ada oklahoma and am trying to start a band ive played guitar for 6 years and i prefer classic metal like black sabbath,im only 17 though, i kinda think it would be weird playing with some one thats 22,and whos username is true murderface,but their is just such a shortage of musicians in the great plains to bad were so far apart.
Hey I have a group of guys your age looking for a bassist. They are a full on metal band with all the equipment. I've got gigs lined up all over Wichita the moment they get on line. They do practice in Norwich which makes it rough, but everything is set up there. They cover everything from tool to black sabbath.