I've decided to get some thicker strings for my guitar, as I've eventually tuned down to D standard (sometimes drop C aswell), mainly for singing purposes with my band.

Anyway, I was using Ernie Ball 'Power slinkies' (11-48), but even they feel a bit flimsy. My guitar is a Dean Z 79, and has a neck scale length of 24.75 inches.

I've been considering two different sets of strings;

Firstly, Ernie Ball 'Beefy slinky' (11, 15, 22, 30, 42, 54). I figured they would have enough tension. My only concerns are that the G string might not intonate well, as it's quite thick (22) and sometimes the saddle won't move back enough to compensate. Also, the change in thickness might mess up the nut or something??? I dunno.

Next, D'addario EXL116 (11, 14, 18, 30, 42, 52). The thing about these is that I've never used D'addario, so don't even know if they're any good. I've always been an Ernie Ball man. But I would be willing to change if it was advisable. And would the bottom string (52) be thick enough for drop C?

So, if anyone could recommend either of these, or another brand for that matter, it would much appreciated.

11-54 Ernies will work well for D standard, don't worry they intonate very well despite their thickness!
I had the same problem as you. Been playing in D standard for 2 years, I didn't think I'd ever find a set I was happy with. .011-.048's were too flimsy it seemed, but if I stepped up to .012's they felt too tight for me. I finally tried GHS LOW series strings, which are .011, .015, .019, .033, .043, .053. I am finally happy. Not too thick, and they sound great in D.
I have my Gibson Les Paul (24.75")in Drop C and I use D'addario 10-52's... The 52 is great for the low c but the top 3 strings are a lil floppy. I am sure going to the 11-52/54's would be perfect (I haven't done it yet because they didn't have that gauge where I got my guitar setup last and im pretty useless with tech stuff). For me i've mainly only used D'addarios and haven't given enough opportunity to Ernie Ball's but I couldn't be happier with D'addarios and in reality the differences are fairly minimal.

Going the 11-52 route is probably going to be the easiest transition for you to make so I say start there and if you feel the 52 is still too flimsy then jump over to the EB 11-54's or you can stick with D'addario and go 12-54's.
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