I have decided to upload music of mine onto playlist.com onto a specialized playlist just for that, so that whenever someone asks i can link them to that.

I've been uploading them to fileden.com, and then putting the URLs on playlist.com. However, when it gets uploaded, it tells me 'Soulfly' (yeah, i know it's a band) by Leehum James has been uploaded. But the song name is 'I don't..' whatever, it's just got the wrong song title. Why does it do that? It's called by it's right name on my computer, on fileden, it's just on playlist that it does it. it's the first song i've uploaded to playlist, too, so i'm not even sure where it's getting the name 'soulfly'..

when i play the track, the audio is of the one i intended to upload, it just has a different name.

any help?
Check out my music, if you please.