Hey guys, I'm trying to wrap up my first build that's been dragging on forever. Its been quite the learning experience haha. Anyways I used some spraycan acrylic clear coat and I'm having trouble getting the stuff to dry. Most of it is fine, but I had a sand through and had to respray one of the corners. Its been more than three weeks, and while the first layers took only about a week to harden, this patch up is not drying at all. Its like a really hard gel, I can mark it with my nail a bit and then the next day it will be all leveled out again. Any ideas why this is happening? A way to help harden/cure it? I tried a hair dryer on low for a bit but it seemed like it was making it softer.
Spray can clear coat pretty much sucks man unfortunately. I had the same problem with a guitar I tried to do recently. My girlfriend's dad owns a body shop though, and he used some of the clear coat he uses for his cars and it worked perfectly. See if you can find an auto body shop to clear it for ya!
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Clear coats take months to dry completely, just like oil paints. This is why the painting process takes so long.



These are two that I did (well, technically it's the same guitar. The EVH design was hanging on my wall and was not completely dry and my mounting screw fell out and scratched the entire back. Oops..) The tiger stripe though took about 5 months from beginning to end to sand, paint, and dry. But the results are phenomenal if you have the patience.
My next one I will definitely use some poly or something. I just didn't wanna fork out money for spray equipment and whatnot and figured the cans would be a cheap alternative. Get what you pay for, right?

I guess I'll wait it out a little longer and see what happens. I really hope it's not five months. I been building this thing for a year already...
I don't know exactly what your problem is, there are a lot of things it could be. I have an autobody shop, and I do body work and refinishing. Using clear that is made for cars good, but most car clears are expensive. You have to buy the clear (which is expensive in itself), and the catalyst. At our bodyshop we you expensive stuff, which is really worth it for guitars, IMO.

I use spray can paint and clear for all of my little things, including guitars and always turns out good. I painted a design the other day, and it was raining and very humid, and still turned out great. Dry within a couple of days.
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Try using minwax polyurethane clear gloss it's normally used for stained wood but works good on guitar too. Is hardened pretty much in a day or less and it doesn't take much I'd Kay buy an 8oz can and it would do like 5 or more guitars. It is brush on so you will have to be careful about runs and keeping lines out of it. Also do not sand in between first and second coats. Use like 500 when you do sand with it because the recommended 220 I think scratched it to hell

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I didn't know I could use brush on stuff for the final coat. Thanks, I'm definitely gonna go that route next time.
Still don't know whats wrong with this acrylic stuff though. I've put to much work into it just to strip it off and use something else.
That's odd.
I never had anything like that happening when spraying Oil-based or Acrylic clear coat from a can.
Maybe it's the brand you are using.
I always make sure to get the stuff that dries in 45 minutes, or less then sand then another coat. I got an airbrush now, and will use that for painting guitars.
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I moved the guitar in the bathroom and shut the door with the fan on, and it seems to be hardening now. I have no idea why it had a sudden mood swing, I guess the room I had it in before had bad guitar vibes.
do really really thin layers, that's I've always done. Then use a machine polish after few weeks and after and extremely light sanding(6000 grad sandpaper or 4 ought steel wool). It works great, I use two cans of Krylon clear coat when i do it, but i do it in about 30-40 thin coats.
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Quote by Koelker12
I moved the guitar in the bathroom and shut the door with the fan on, and it seems to be hardening now. I have no idea why it had a sudden mood swing, I guess the room I had it in before had bad guitar vibes.

I've heard of this before.
I'm sorry, but your guitar...
..I was watching my death.