Okay, so I was looking to get an acoustic guitar, and I've always loved Ovations. I got a Sweet Water catalog (I entered that giveaway) and saw it. It looks pretty sweet, but before I buy it I want to know if anyone has it and what they think of it?
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i've tried 'em out. imo they sound like cardboard unplugged, and the neck wasn't good for me, but if you like thinner necks, it may be good for you. but the features are very interesting and could be super useful. on the other hand, i believe you can get a better ovation, buy the module later and drop it in.

still, if you're on a budget and aren't worried about unplugged sound quality, this could be a very handy tool.
I dunno, I kind of am on a budget, and I'm getting this because I DO need a good unplugged guitar, and the features are awesome. But I guess I need to try and find something else. Any recommendations?
for acoustic electric? not really. but i suggest that you try a few of these acoustics - they're all solid top and good quality.

yamaha fg700s

yamaha fg730s a bit warmer than the one above

odd finish but good sound
seagull entourage s6

looking for something smaller?

one of the fullest sounding solid tops around

the one i'd buy if i didn't mind the 1 11/16" nut

or if you're cool with ebay, this is a great guitar - really!

and a smaller seagull folk

there are more on ebay from reliable sellers, too.