I'm still trying to learn chords and I recently (and very quickly) stumbled into a problem.
When trying to play chords my fingers accidentally mute other strings which screws up the entire chord.

Any suggestions?

(Bear with me, I have only been playing for two days now )

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Practice, practice, perfect metronome practice.
With those 2 things you will can build finger strength, which usually is the reason chords lack. Maybe you have small hands, but in general the more you practice the better you get.
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Take your time. Learning to play chords is tough at first, but it does get better. Try fretting the chord, then playing each note slowly. Look for the clunkers and see what you're doing wrong, then correct it and try again.
Yeah just keep practicing. Strum the chord really slow and figure out which fingers are muting then just adjust your grip. Then remember that. It'll come.
Also need to mention that what you're looking to do is build muscle memory. It's the same thing fighter pilots use in the jet. Their fingers intuitively know which button to press - that's muscle memory. That's the same thing you need to develop, and will. It just takes a little time and practice. Speaking of practice, try to fit in at least 30 minutes daily, including weekends and holidays. If you can fit in a couple of hours, that's even better.
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