Hey I've been looking everywhere but can't find a thing. I was looking at buying a soldano avenger but I don't have enough cash to buy a cab right now. I do have a Marshall 250dfx which has two inputs (one for each speaker); so can i just buy two amp cables and plug one into the the amp and the other into the SS and repeat, or do I have to get a y cable... any help would be great. If i can does the SS amp have to be on or will the head power the speakers? This would be my first tube amp
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You can use the speakers from the combo, but dont plug the Soldano into the combo, you need to take the speaker wires from the combo and plug them into the Soldano.
The MG250DFX should have 2 cables going to the speakers, you'll want to plug those cables into the outputs of the Soldano. I'm not sure what impedance the Marshall speakers are though, so you'd need to check.
Great choice of amp, Soldano stuff is top notch.

And yeah, take the cables coming from the speaker and plug them into the Soldano. You don't need the Marshall to be on when using it, but don't turn the Soldano on without having it connected to speakers.
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The impedance is 8 ohms per speaker, so would i set the head to 16 so that the impedance is split to each speaker each running with an impedance of 8.
No, the outputs of the amp are connected in parallel, so 2 8 ohm speakers in parallel equals a total load of 4 ohms. You'll want the amp set to 4 ohms, and then connect one speaker to each output.