I have no problem at all coming up with a song on my guitar without lyrics, but when I try to come up with lyrics to add to the song, I can never come up with any. Any advice?
listen to some music thats similar and just write. dont stop at all for like a minute, and write absolutely everything that comes into your head even if it sounds stupid. then narrow it down (pick a theme perhaps)
Or do it the other way around. Put your guitar down, put away your sheets of music, think about something to write about and take it from there. Writing the music first is a pitfall many people fall into.
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well it might help if you know what your writing about before you start writing. so think of the general theme of what you are writing about

also think of a phrase that looks good and sounds cool and *poof* you have a chorus.

you didnt say if you could think of vocal melodies that go good with riffs in the OP. if you cant do it the other way around, try thinking of a good vocal melody first then writing the guitar part to sound good with it.
Yes, this is very frustrating. I suggest that you come up with dummy lyrics first. In other words, nonsense words like "Greep". The point is to come up with something. It has to match the rhythm of the song. Then, think of a theme that you are trying to express and change the dummy lyrics to real ones.

I know that this is difficult. If you still have problems, then try to find someone who is better at lyrics than you. Hang around the English Department of your local college.

I always liked the words from Rush songs... and writing in the genre if far harder than the regular pop stuff you hear these day (based on partying, heart break, I love you, etc.). Easy to write hurting songs, but far more challenging when writing about something else. In other genres often the first verse or a chorus can be written, then you get stuck to fill the words for the remainder of the song.
Try reading books, like Blue Like Jazz. Anything with rich descriptions. Or i think the Berklee online college has a free "sample" lyrics class you could check out.
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I had the same problem for a while and not until recently have I been able to write anything that I actually like and others seem to like as well. The big thing I did was to stop trying to force write songs/poems.

I started writing stories. Stories from my life. Things that have happened, people I've met, things I've done, places I've been. And just write a story about it, have a theme, a character(doesn't have to have an actual name, "him, her, she, he, you, etc" are fine). Then once you have written the initial story down, describe it in a different way.

for example the other day I was driving down the highway and saw a tractor trailer spin out and hit another car on the other side of the interstate and I saw blood flowing out of the car. (thats my story, doesn't have to bee long, just something simple and memorable). I got home and wrote this down, I filled in what words I'm using to describe what.

The mountain(truck) crosses the great divide(interstate)
Tearing up the metals(car), hiding
on the other side.(other side of the interstate, other side of the center divider)

A shot of pain (the instant the car got hit)
in the mind and heart
Lights blaze and her head goes dark. (the driver died/got knocked out)

The red river flows (blood flowing)
over the mountains side (blood flowing out of the car)
and falls in pools, glistening.

And just do this everyday and you'll eventually write something that can be used in a song. ^^^ I'll probably never use that in an actual song and think it sucks ^^^ but it's the act of doing it everyday that will build you into a better song writer. Stories are always more interesting than some other forms of writing IMO anyway.

Also listen to some different genres of music, I write rock/psychedelic/metal music, but I listen to a lot of Hip hop to become inspired. a lot of these guys, Blue Scholars. True hip-hop has some of the best lyrics I have ever heard.

Hope that helps a little, good luck!
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