Hey there! I hope I'm not bugging anyone by dropping by with a question once in a while.

Well, I need some advice on tension. First of all, I don't anchor. Secondly, I was wondering if this tension in my hand is OKAY? I mean, I can play pretty well with it and I don't get tired or have any recurring pains afterward. It's just that when I play with nearly no tension, I lose control. My pick hops over the strings and it sounds like shit when I don't hit them the way I do with tension...Like...The slight chirp on the higher strings you get as you hit a note? Yeah, it sounds much louder and the actual note doesn't ring out very well...It's just so hard to figure out what's okay and what isn't with no teacher with this knowledge...
thats the thing you need slight tension for accuracy, if you truly played with no tension you couldnt hold the pick, if your not gettin side effects your good to go
Don't try to fix your technique if it's fine. The point isn't to eliminate tension, it's to minimize it. Like thelord said, you need SOME tension to hold the pick and whatnot, but you don't want to be tensing up for speed or control. That's a great way to tire yourself out and embarrass yourself halfway through a song. Believe me. you would know if you were really tense. Just forget about tension. You're fine
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There has to be tension in the first finger and thumb of yur right hand, so you can hold the pick. The others, in my case don't have any tension, but I anchor, I anchor badly and I don't regret it.
When people talk about no tension, they mean no unnecessary tension; as people above had said, you need tension to hold a pick and you need tension to move your hand.
If you're worried about tension, could you explain where exactly you think this tension is? For instance, are you sticking out your non-pick-holding fingers? Are you balling your hand into a fist?
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