Well, with such great deals at Guitar Center for Labor Day weekend, I walked in with some cash and walked out with this. Sorry for the bad pics, blackberry cameras suck.

front shot

with her family


tryin to be classy

her booty

I can't record it til tomorrow afternoon, so I'll just give it a quick review.

So this guitar is a Lucero LC200CE Classical Acoustic/Electric. Please not that I've never owned an acoustic before this, steel or nylon string, except for an OLD classical that my dad had lying around when I was a very young child (Over 15 years ago). It was $140 brand shiny new.

Physical Attributes 7/10
It's a classical guitar. Nice, wide neck, laminate top ( ) spruce, mahogany sides and back. It's very light, I would say at MOST 2 lbs. The build quality seems pretty solid. But it is a bit unoriginal. Close inspection of the rosette reveals some "cheap"-ness. The stock strings are obviously shiet so I got some D'addarios, but I'll run these out for a few weeks first. Stringing this guitar without ball end strings seems kinda odd, but I'm sure theres a guide to it on here somewhere.

The Sound 7/10

Honestly, it's decent. I'm surprised I put it down to write this review. I played a few higher end guitars before I bought this one, but obviously couldn't afford them. It has a very deep tone, but I like that. When I play it, it sounds like what I think a classical should, nice deep lows, responsive mids and decent highs. I wish it had a bit more sustain though. I'm guessing that has to do with the laminate top, first and foremost.

Playability 8/10

I love to play it because I love the neck. It's nice and fat, the frets are big, and after getting adjusted, it plays great. Took me a bit to get over the transition from smaller electric guitar frets to these huge ones. The cutaway also lets you reach the upper register pretty well.

Electronics */10

Haven't had a chance to try it plugged in yet; will update tomorrow with a clip or something. (Couldn't get a clip up today, recording stuff is acting up and I don't feel like troubleshooting right now.)

Overall 7.5/10

I'm really thinking of taking it back and getting a solid top Yamaha for $50 more, just for the sake of it being a solid top. But for a <$200 guitar, it rocks.
Wow, it looks like a pretty decent guitar! I do agree with your idea to take it back for a Yamaha, though.
Quote by ChamsRock
Wow, it looks like a pretty decent guitar! I do agree with your idea to take it back for a Yamaha, though.

yea, it was kind of an impulse buy.