hi guys....
i need your help ... i want to buy a new Electric Guitar and i have about 400$(dollar)
so what Guitar i can buy ?
can anybody help me ?
Your best bet is to go to several guitar shops and browse Craig's List you can score a guitar worth twice what you have to spend. What type of guitar are you looking for what type of music do you play? Your guitar choice should be a guitar that fits your tastes in music and what you feel comfortable playing.

There are way too many choices to list, and you won't be helped at all by us shouting our favorite guitars at you. So help us help you.

What genres do you play/What bands do you like?
What guitars do you have right now?
What amps do you have right now?
Where do you live?
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What type of music do you like??? Are you a beginner or expert???

I also suggest you go to a few guitar shops and try playing them so that you get a feel for what you might like.